Beatmonstas Ent

  1. Evolution

    Envisible “Evolution”

    Release date: 05-May-2023

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  2. Chicago Gamut

    The F-You’s Chicago Gamut

    Release date: 22-Jul-2022

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  3. Envisible

    Envisible “Envisible”

    Release date: 26-Nov-2021

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  4. F U 2

    The F-You’s F U 2

    Release date: 19-Mar-2021

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  5. Beatmonstas Bomb Til We Hit Em

    Beatmonstas “Bomb Til We Hit Em”

    Release date: 29-Sep-2019

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  6. Beatmonstas Lets Go EP

    Beatmonstas “Let’s Go” EP

    Release date: 12-Aug-2008

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  7. Phashara The Storybook Adventure

    Phashara “The Storybook Adventure”

    Release date: 22-Jul-2008

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  8. Beatmonstas The 3rd Weapon

    Beatmonstas “The 3rd Weapon” Compilation

    Release date: 10-May-2005

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