Ancient Jewlz – Eternal Jewlz

This is the Eternal Jewlz mixtape from Ancient Jewlz (Sense & Reefa Rei). The mixtape Features Booda Blaou and Jah Safe. Raw Chicago bars from out the vault. This project can be best described as timeless. Eternal Jewlz features production from 9th wonder, Harry Fraud, Just Blaze, RZA and V Don.

Ancient Jewlz real MC

Ancient Jewlz “Real MC” July 2, 2013

Ancient Jewlz real mc


Ancient Jewlz is set to release their new single “Real MC” July 2 on Beatmonstas Ent. This will be a kick off of releases until full album drops. Real MC is about real MCs that stress lyrical skill unlike the landscape today. Ancient Jewlz is sticking to that tried and true flow with modern production styled beats reminiscent of the golden era. The song has an ominous tone throughout the whole track.

Ancient Jewlz “Real MC” Music video is coming soon so be on the look out for that. We will announce giveaways before release so stay in tune with Ancient Jewlz sound. Grab “Real MC” from iTunes, Amazon etc July 2nd, 2013!

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Ancient Jewlz Video Shoot

Ancient jewlz

Ancient Jewlz are prepping their upcoming album “Ancient Jewlz” shooting a couple of videos. Their album is almost finished with a few surprises. I’m glad this project is making progress. We hit up a few locations around Chicago getting some good footage. Logan Square was the first area and a crowd of on lookers were peeping what was going on. It was a positive day and the weather was nice. It seems like the winter never ends in Chicago. We were getting some good footage thanks courtesy to Joshua Lustig a up in coming Cinematographer in Chicago.

Ancient Jewlz

The next location was some local hood joint where you can get a bag of doritos and Very Fine juice. Rei left his wallet in the store and lucky for him the store owner was nice enough to give him his wallet back. Check out the pics.




Noble Dru and Therapy are in the lab crafting new joints for the forthcoming Beatmonstas album.  This will be their first album since 2009 with no frills and straight up Boom Bap!  The new project which has no title yet will be picking up where they left from “Bomb Til We Hit Em“.  They are keeping the social-conscious style you know them for.  From the way things are shaping, there should be surprises so be on the lookout.  We caught a glimpse of Beatmonstas in action.  Noble Dru was behind the boards as usual and Therapy laying down some vocals.


When Beatmonstas are in the lab, they stay focus trying to perfect the sound. This new joint should keep the masses fed. Chicago and the world need hear this album because it’s going further with science they revealed on Bomb Til We Hit Em. These guys are the ghetto Nostradamus bringing light to the financial crisis after the 2008 debacle with the recession. Many said Bomb Til We Hit Em was too late because in 2009 we all got the great Black hope. Beatmonstas was proven right again.


Beatmonstas still keep that flavor filled swagger they always project. Check out the MPC Renaissance Noble Dru got there. That joint is used heavily throughout the album.


Ancient Jewlz in progress.

Ancient jewlz

Sense and Reefa Rei are cooking up some heat to keep the masses fed. This new project entitled “Ancient Jewlz will knock the listener off their square with thought provoking lyrics. We are putting the finishing touches on their full length album with special guest appearances. This album should make Chicago proud. These guys are from opposite sides of the track and make this combination the ultimate mixture of heat. Also, there will be surprises on this release so stay tuned. Check this radio on air freestyle session with Ancient Jewlz and Booda blaou.

Check em out.