Tree House Flavor


Tree House Flavor


Tree House Flavor is a rap group that specializes in hip hop styled children’s music. These guys wanted to maintain the essence of hip hop and fuse it into music specific to little kids. The group consist of Sean Love & Schott Styles. Here is what they have to say.

“We Love Hip Hop And Your Kids Will Too!”
With this being our mission statement we offer kids and their parents the original mission of Hip Hop, which is to inspire creativity, self confidence, and a love for community. And all while having a whole lot of fun. This is why Tree House Flavor, a musical group that has performed together for over 15 years under different names, has emerged to introduce children to the art form.

Treehouse flavor consists of 2 Chicago, Il. based emcees, Schott Styles & Sean Love.
Once underground Hip Hop artists, now dedicated family men, Sean & Schott created Tree House Flavor out of love of family and Hip Hop . The beats are hard but gentle, and the lyrics are tasteful enough to play everywhere. Kids will sing along to songs like “2 Hands not 1”, teaching them to use ‘two hands not one’ to carry a glass or tie a shoe. Families will pick out their favorite global landmark reference in “Microphone Check 1-2, 1-2”. From questing for “Milk and Cookies” to declaring that “The World is Good”, Tree House Flavor has the goods that the whole family can enjoy.

So come join us at the Tree House Flavor party! Where the whole family can dance, sing and rap about the things that make Hip Hop & family fun.

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