Born on February 17th 1989; Matt Ewing A.K.A. Sense is a Chicago native. When it comes to the mic his abilities are incredible. He can flip many schemes and styles and still manages to be sharp as sword lyrically. However, he is far more than just a rapper. He is a real master of ceremonies; truly inclined with the cultural side of hip-hop, beyond the beats and rhymes. Sense uses experiences with elements such as graffiti, rollerblading, filming, painting, and instrumental production to the fullest in the formation of his words. In about 1999, much before he even began to spit, Matt Ewing would roam the streets of Chicago on skates; jumping off and grinding on all corners of the city. Although, rollerblading is not necessarily defined as an element of hip-hop, it is still a positive culture of city life for many kids, and doesn’t cost much money. Like all other extreme sports, and similar to hip-hop, booting is about style, creativity, and innovation. Like many other skaters, Matt developed a passion for filming. He and his friends would bring camcorders to skate sessions and competitions and share edits with each other. While watching rollerblade videos Matt was able to come across music that radio stations didn’t play, and became captivated by underground hip-hop music.

In about 2003, Matt picked up the element of Graffiti. He and his friends would hang out at each others cribs and sketch in black books. It wasn’t long before he took it to the streets. He began to bomb, tag, and eventually piece anything and everything he came across; Trains, walls, billboards, highways, etc. The first crew he associated himself with was AOP. Then after that he joined OMN and UHF. He still writes to this day with a crew known as 1UP.

While developing skills on the walls Matt was also beginning to develop skills on the page. It wasn’t long before he changed his graffiti name, and brought the name Sense to the microphone. He would go to open mics and meet people who made sense of life through words. He also learned to expand his craft by taking Saturday classes at YCA (Young Chicago Authors). It wasn’t long before he began to master rhythm and form structure on top of melody. Sense began to hit the scene hard by freestlying anywhere and everywhere he went. He would kick flows over the sound of the beatbox, on trains, buses, at parties, or while walking down the street. Sense didn’t really have a lot of doe, so he used all of his talents to his advantage.

He made his own, artwork, beats, and recordings, then brought it to the public. Aside from numerous vocal features on local albums, in late 2006 Sense dropped his first project onto Chicago streets. The theme of the compilation was What You Rhyme For, and every artist on it explained just that, over a sense beat. Not only did the CD give exposure to Sense’s instrumentals, but it also shined a lot of light on a few of Chicago’s slept on MC’s. Sense is currently working on his debut album Street Wise, which should be in stores worldwide in early 2008, through the independent label Beatmonstas Entertainment.