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Ancient Jewlz

Ancient jewlz

Ancient Jewlz is an MC duo out of Chicago, IL. This group, established in 2011, consists of Reefa Rei and Sense. Ancient Jewlz came about shortly after Sense and Rei met in the break room of Lifestyle barber shop on 76th and Jeffery. Sense was a barber at the time and Rei had came by to get a lining. A brief conversation between the MCs led them to the realization that they had a lot of mutual contacts in the hip hop world, the most important being Noble Dru. Noble Dru was Rei’s lifelong family friend and fellow musician. Sense had also been recording with Noble Dru after they performed together in 2009 at the Blues-Hip Hop Intersection which took place at Millennium Park. Reefa Rei and Sense One had heard each other’s music at Noble Dru’s studio and were enthusiastic about working with one another.

They soon began recording in Humboldt Park with studio engineer Jus Love (aka Lamar Smith) where they formed a solid foundation. The first single they recorded was called “Without You.” The song featured Booda Blaou, one of Chicago’s most heavy-hitting lyricists. The beat was made by a production duo from Minneapolis called Double Helix, and featured scratches from the legendary Dj Ambideckstriks.

As the surrounding popular rap groups seemed to dumb down theit music by the day, Sense and Reefa Rei did the exact opposite. Coming out the lab with hardcore lyrics and punchlines over soulful beats. It wasn’t long before the boys decided to turn the songs they have been recording into a full-length album and put it out through Noble Dru’s label, Beat Monstas Entertainment.